Do you ever keep yourself from doing something because you don't know where to start?

Hey, I’m Vlad, and I have NO IDEA what to make this website about…

What I do know is that by diving in and just doing the damn thing, it’s inevitable that I’ll figure it out over time. By consistently adding content to this website, it’s going to make me become a better communicator, it’ll help me figure out what I like and what I definitely DO NOT like, and maybe along the way it’ll inspire a few others to just get started.

I study digital marketing a lot, and so far I’m definitely breaking the rules of having a high-converting niche-specific website that has a clear call-to-action with an irresistible offer. I’ll get there, but for now, consider this a playground where I simply share things I think are worthy for others to learn about. Key terms you’ll come across in this website are health, human performance, business, marketing, productivity and self-awareness.

The spectrum is very broad, and I know Google doesn’t really like that, but these are the accumulation of my interests and areas where I’ve developed skill. As I mature and narrow in on my craft, so will this website. Until then, I’ll enjoy the free-for-all.

Better done now than not at all. This website is here to stay! You got that Google?

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