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I like to solve problems. I’m passionate about improving the performance of a system.

Russia, Israel, Florida, Skateboarding, Soccer, Building Ramps, Bass Guitar in a Rock Band, Inspired by Eminem, Recorded “Lose Yourself,” Met 1st Great Mentor, University of Florida, Design and Manufacturing Lab Robot, Mechanics of Materials Final Test, IPPD Class, Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Stryker Internship, CAD Design, Fixture Design, Australia, Door to Door Sales, Arizona, Stryker, Research and Development Engineer, Yoga and More in the Park, Met 2nd Great Mentor, Desert Canvas, Art Installation Design, Facebook Ads, Website Design, Digital Marketing, CorePump, Jimmy, Stretch to Win, MoveNow University, Spooner Physical Therapy, Met 3rd Great Mentor, Ft. Lauderdale, Physical Therapy School, CTA

Here’s what you can expect from me.


All the things I’m passionate about – business, music
(I played in bands up until 42), nature photography, and even puzzles – are about being one thing: creative.